Below are a couple of our most recently completed SEO Work for clients. If you have any questions regarding any of our previous client work. Please feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss with you.



Our client Panorama Kitchens regularly gets around 1.5k+ clients every month, but how much of that is coming to them via ‘Organic Search’ and the SEO services we provide? Well, the analytics don’t lie and as the following graph shows, almost two-thirds of there website traffic is coming to them via ‘Organic Search’ as a result of their SEO.


People who are most likely to convert are the people who have found you via Organic Search (Google), this is because they are specifically looking for YOU and what you offer. For this reason ‘Organic Search’ is in our opinion, Google Analytics’ most important statistic. In the past year, we have managed to increase our client Liverpool Trampolines’ website traffic acquired via ‘Organic Search’ by a massive 32.84%, through a combnation of effective keyword use, speed optimisation, regular updates to increase engagement and consultancy.