Does AI Belong On Social Media?

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ai robot reaching out

What exactly

is ai?

Now that we are in 2024 there is no doubt that we are going to hear even more about AI and how people use it to create/improve content.

First of all, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which in its simplest form is a field that combines computer science and robust datasets, to enable problem-solving, yes very simple…

AI can be implemented into many different aspects of social media as previously mentioned. The most popular reason why AI is used on social media, however, is for creating captions for posts as it can use algorithms to help find vital information to give your posts the best chance of getting results.


2 people using vr

how can ai

help me?

Well, I can confidently tell you that without AI, you wouldn’t have recommended sections on your favourite apps…I know it’s crazy isn’t it?

Have you ever felt like your social media feed is reading your mind? That’s the magic of AI my friend! With algorithms sharper than a chef’s knife, AI analyses your likes, comments, and shares to whip up a personalised feed that’s more ‘you’ than your own reflection. It’s like having a virtual bestie who just gets your vibe.

Are you somebody who loves posting your outfits on a daily basis to all of your followers? Don’t lie, we all do it…then AI can pick out and suggest trending outfits to you, so move over fashion influencers – AI is the new trendsetter in town. By analyzing data faster than you can say “outfit of the day,” AI helps social media platforms stay ahead of the curve.

Say goodbye to FOMO because AI ensures you’re always in the loop, rocking the latest trends and impressing your followers with your impeccable style.

Even though AI can be helpful when it comes to a lot of processes in our digital world, it can also cause a few problems. I’ll give you a minute so you can go and put the kettle on…

online security

privacy concerns:

the data robots

As our internet usage is increasing more and more as the days go by, our online security needs have grown dramatically. 

The use of VPNs (Virtual Private Network) has become more mainstream as these can help secure our data when we are browsing the internet, but sometimes even VPNs can’t stop our data from being leaked…not very private if you ask me.

But just like our internet usage, as AI grows it is causing problems when it comes to our beloved data. The extensive data collection required for AI to personalise user experiences raises serious privacy concerns and users may feel uneasy about the amount of personal information being used to shape the content they see, potentially leading to breaches and misuse, and we definitely don’t want that.



the wildfire

While AI aids in content moderation, it is not foolproof. The speed at which information spreads on social media, combined with the challenge of distinguishing between genuine and misleading content, poses a significant threat to the dissemination of accurate information, and as you have probably guessed already, this can be quite dangerous.

The reason why this can be so dangerous is because the vital information that AI shares could be completely wrong. Whether this is worldwide news or analytics, people can take this information to be the truth which could then be published for millions of people to see, and that could be the start of a huge problem.

One notable challenge lies in the algorithmic processes employed by AI systems to curate and recommend content based on user preferences. If these algorithms are not carefully designed and monitored, they may inadvertently reinforce existing biases, promoting content that aligns with particular perspectives or narratives…who ever thought a robot could be biased?

humans vs ai

humans vs ai:

the job search


The automation of certain tasks through AI, such as customer service and data analysis, has the potential to displace jobs. While AI creates new opportunities, it also requires individuals to adapt and acquire new skills to remain relevant in the evolving job market.

Now this can definitely be a positive if you look at it from a different perspective, like factories using machines powered by automated software that can produce products twice the speed of a human, and a machine doesn’t need to go home and sleep…for obvious reasons.

The emergence of AI has sparked considerable discussion around the impact on various job roles, with particular attention given to copywriters. With AI programs like ‘ChatGPT,’ individuals can request the generation of a blog on a specified topic, and the AI seamlessly produces content of the desired length. This capability has brought the role of copywriters into the spotlight, as AI demonstrates its capacity to create written material in a manner that was traditionally associated with human expertise.

Now i’m not saying that this isn’t impressive, because it seriously is and can produce some quality pieces of writing, but isn’t it better reading a piece of writing that a human has written instead?

No historical book has been produced by AI…I think.

Cyber Security with Make A Difference & Start Digital

That’s it for this week’s blog, and hopefully, I haven’t made you too scared of AI.

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See you next week!

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